About Us

More than a brand, PURYS is the zeal to dress up a woman who is eclectic in her fashion choices. The ideation behind its inception was to fill in the void of clothes that match a woman’s ever evolving fashion sense and the comfort of functional wear with equal ease. Hence, we worked out this void to the best of our ability in making it our brand’s USP. The central idea to all our collections no matter the season and styles is the firm belief that a garment should enhance a woman’s confidence and make her feel good about her own self.

Our honest dedication to give the best quality and style at competitive prices has been winning us a growing customer base that loyally keeps coming back to the latest collections that we have to offer. PURYS has quickly been expanding and reaching across all tiers in India making us an emerging power player on the online domain. In the ever so dynamic environment of fashion, we are sure to anchor ourselves into a success story!